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First Tech Routing #321180379

Adventures of a beta app.

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”

-Abigail Adams

In mid-2019, we took a big leap and launched our first mobile app that was developed in-house. Thanks to the support of thousands of members who engaged with our beta app, we learned an incredible amount about what members like you expect and appreciate from their mobile banking experience. First Tech teams worked tirelessly listening to feedback from members, and incorporating that learning into improvements for each app update. This was a project that required a lot of collaboration between engineers, First Tech’s app developers and real users in the field.

The learnings on a few key features such as Manage Cards, eBill and the dashboard stand out above others. The design for Manage Cards was entirely built by members and our frontline staff. We used journey mapping sessions to improve functionality, building a solution by testing then modifying and before applying to the app. Making improvements to our eBill process was also an important step, and one that we are proud to roll out for our users. The dashboard and menu navigation has received praise from our members for its usability, and we’re excited to duplicate this design in the standard app in the near future.

We’re combining all of this invaluable experience, knowledge and energy into a single, improved First Tech app. With this more focused approach we’ll be able to evolve and build upon the mobile experience faster than ever before. We’re excited to share the next chapter of our endeavors with you soon.