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Beep. Bop. Beep. Boop

2020 AUtomation2020 AUtomation

The robots are taking over! Maybe someday—but not yet.

First Tech is introducing an array of improvements to help employees work more efficiently, so they can spend more time with you. We’ve found several opportunities to improve our banking process through automation, helping take care of things like account servicing and transactional activities that sometimes slow us down. For example, when you call us after enrolling in Voice ID, we can validate your identity immediately and process a variety of tasks for you without the need for a representative. This can save members several minutes waiting on the phone. Our representatives are still available by phone to assist you with more complex activities, or wherever you have questions.

Modern financial institutions need modern solutions to help members take care of their banking needs quickly, and carry on with their busy lives. By taking advantage of automated services when appropriate, we can free up our team members to serve you better and more efficiently. Although automation is a tool that can be used to streamline some services, our focus on providing the best member experience for you means that automated assistance will never replace our personalized, one-on-one service. We will introduce these automated services in a way that supports our First Tech family, and eases your banking experience. We’re still all about people helping people.

We’ll continue to share what we’ve learned with our friends at other credit unions and look for opportunities to partner with organizations that help improve our member experience. A stronger credit union industry helps the community grow and ultimately benefits you, our owners and members. Bring on the bots.