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Online Banking

What's New in Online and Mobile Banking

  • Latest Update for Online and Mobile Banking 11.2018
    • To safeguard your financial information and prevent fraud, we recommend that you use Send Money with Zelle in our Mobile Banking App to make a one-time payment or money transfer to another First Tech member.
    • For more information on the features within Online Banking, click on the “Help” button under each widget.
    • We released multiple compatibility updates to our iOS Mobile Banking App to improve its performance and the overall experience.
    • We've updated our Mobile E-Deposit Capture agreement as part of our ongoing effort to prevent fraud.
  • Latest Update for Online and Mobile Banking 10.2018
    • We introduced a new Online Banking widget, called Rewards Intro, to help you access your credit card’s Rewards points directly from Online Banking. For more information, visit the Rewards Program’s resource page.
    • We added Push Notification and SMS as two new methods for you to receive Online and Mobile Banking security and general alerts on top of having the option to get an email notification. You can go to “Settings” in Online or Mobile Banking and choose the “Notifications” tab to set up or modify alerts.
    • We’ve added an extra step for when you’re adding a new contact to send money in the Send Money with Zelle® feature in Mobile Banking, and for when you’re sending money to a new contact for the first time. These pop-ups remind you to double-check your recipient and their information to ensure safety.
  • Latest Update for Online and Mobile Banking 07.2018
    • iOS users will now enjoy a significantly faster login experience; the same upgrade will arrive soon for Android users.
    • We introduced redesigned user interfaces for the "Transfer" widget, "Settings" and the "Message Center" in online banking to give you a more delightful, modern and visually pleasing experience.
    • The "Balance Peek" feature in the iOS mobile app is now named "Snapshot." If you have it enabled in "Settings", you can now view account balances on the logout screen and timed out screen. You’ll also have the option to log in again quickly with Touch or Face ID, without having to exit out of the app.
    • Members with business accounts will now be able to view their eStatements in Online Banking.
    • In an effort to make online banking more accessible and consistent, we’ve refreshed the color scheme of login buttons to be uniform across the website and more user-friendly.
  • Latest Update for Online and Mobile Banking 06.2018
    • Please visit our innovation site for the latest updates and information.
    • We introduced more comprehensive and self-sufficient enhancements to our BillPay feature to make paying bills much easier. The user interface is upgraded with new capabilities and is more intuitive. Visit the BillPay resource page for more information.
    • We upped our payment fraud technology game to further protect your data, wire transfers, BillPay and ACH payments. So you can rest assured when you’re making a payment digitally. 
  • Latest Update for Online and Mobile Banking 03.2018
    • In addition to adding the “e-Docs” widget, you can now navigate to the e-Docs page in Online Banking by clicking on a new “eDocuments” button added to the “Accounts” page.
    • Mobile app users will now receive a session expiration notification on their iOS device after the app detects inactivity for 10 minutes.
    • We have revamped the designs of our widgets, font size, colors and icons to ensure consistency and make our digital banking platforms more accessible. These subtle visual enhancements will not impact any banking functionality.
  • Latest update for Online and Mobile Banking 02.2018
    • We have made some changes to the e-Docs/e-Statements section that will make it easier to view and access your e-Statements, Notices, and Tax forms. To view the changes, log into Online Banking and click the e-Docs badge on the left.

      Note: In the event that you already have five widgets on the left-hand side, you can follow this step-by-step guide to re-order your Online Banking view to have the e-Docs widget show up as one of your five favorites.

      To learn more about how to receive statements electronically click here.
  • Latest update for Online and Mobile Banking 01.2018
    • The login process for Online and Mobile Banking is more efficient. We have consolidated the username and password entry fields to appear on the same page. If you prefer to have another layer of account protection, we recommend you activate Two-Factor Authentication in Settings within the mobile app.
    • For iOS users, you can now add a First Tech mobile app's Balance Peek widget to your device's desktop to monitor your spending at any time without having to log into the app.
    • You can now use Push Notifications to alert you of account activities. You can choose this delivery method and turn it on in your First Tech mobile app under "Settings." 
  • Known Issues
  • To see a list of the issues we’re currently aware of and working to correct, check our Known Issues page.

    In your Online Banking’s transaction history or on your statement, you may notice a $0 interest charge on your account(s). It’s a display error we’re working to resolve, and it does not have any effect on your account balance.