Online Banking

Online Service Enhancements

  • Latest update for Online and Mobile Banking 02.2018
    • We have made some changes to the e-Docs/e-Statements section that will make it easier to view and access your e-Statements, Notices, and Tax forms. To view the changes, log into Online Banking and click the e-Docs badge on the left.

      Note: In the event that you already have five widgets on the left-hand side, you can follow this step-by-step guide to re-order your Online Banking view to have the e-Docs widget show up as one of your five favorites.

      To learn more about how to receive statements electronically click here.
  • Latest update for Online and Mobile Banking 01.2018
    • The login process for Online and Mobile Banking is more efficient. We have consolidated the username and password entry fields to appear on the same page. If you prefer to have another layer of account protection, we recommend you activate Two-Factor Authentication in Settings within the mobile app.
    • For iOS users, you can now add a First Tech mobile app's Balance Peek widget to your device's desktop to monitor your spending at any time without having to log into the app.
    • You can now use Push Notifications to alert you of account activities. You can choose this delivery method and turn it on in your First Tech mobile app under "Settings." 
  • Latest update for Online and Mobile Banking 11.2017
    • You can now reset your Online and Mobile Banking account password two different ways: one, by clicking on “Forgot Password?” on the Mobile Banking app's login screen; or two, by navigating to "Settings > Security" within the mobile app or through the mobile browser.
  • Latest update for Online Banking 9.14.17
    • When signed into Online Banking, you can now view your past and future bill payments, transfers, and pending transactions on the right-hand side of the dashboard.
    • We updated the login and logout pages to improve accessibility.
  • Latest update for Mobile Banking 8.15.17
    • We introduced the e-Deposit video capture feature. With this new feature, you will be able to capture a video of your check allowing the app to automatically detect the best image to submit.
    • Android devices: instead of seeing a generic error message after e-Deposit fails, you will now see a more tailored message to help identify the cause of the problem.
  • Latest update for Online and Mobile Banking 7.24.17
    • Based on member feedback there has been a change to the Transfers page within Online and Mobile banking: the Quick Pay tab will be removed and the Classic Pay will now be the new default tab.
  • Latest update for Online and Mobile Banking 06.13.2017
    • We have added the “two-factor authentication” feature in “Settings” under “Security”. If the feature is turned on, you will be asked to authenticate your identity every time you log in. If you choose to turn Two-Factor Authentication feature off, you will need to check the box to “Remember Me On This Device” the next time you login.
    • You will notice your personal identifying information, such as your email or Social Security number, is partially masked on registration and password reset pages.
    • We have added a password strength meter to give you immediate feedback regarding password strength.
    • You will notice your eStatement PDF now shows up within the same tab as opposed to popping up in a new browser window.
  • Online and Mobile Banking Enhancements 03.08.17
  • Our latest update includes:

    • You can now add external ACH accounts from the mobile app. You can also confirm prior ACH account links requests and edit your email and phone number from within the app.
    • We’ve adjusted our temporary password expiration from 24 hours to 8 hours.
    • We’ve updated our eAlert messages to only show the last four digits for the account numbers.
  • Mobile App Enhancement 01.18.17
  • Our latest update includes:

    • Windows Phone e-Deposit issue fixed.
  • Known Issues
  • To see a list of the issues we’re currently aware of and working to correct, check our Known Issues page.