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Control the way your debit card is used

Did you misplace your debit card, or are you worried about the potential for unauthorized transactions? It takes two taps in Online Banking or within your Mobile Banking app to lock your First Tech debit card.

Did you find your debit card two hours later under the car seat? No problem. Unlocking it is just as easy.

If you notice any unauthorized transactions or suspect fraud, please notify us.


  • Control how your card is used, anytime, anywhere using Online Banking or the First Tech Mobile Banking app
  • Locking your card will stop all new transactions, while still allowing recurring transactions, pre-authorized payments and refunds to go through. Pre-authorized charges made prior to locking your debit card may still post to your account
  • This service is available to members, free of charge, no matter how often you use it

Step-by-step: How to lock or unlock your card

  1. Log into Online or Mobile Banking
  2. Tap "Manage Cards"
  3. Tap the toggle button on your debit card to lock or unlock it

Which First Tech cards are eligible for this feature?

Currently, only First Tech debit cards can be locked or unlocked. Stay tuned, as we’ll make this feature available for other cards in the future.


What exactly will happen once I lock my card?

Locking your card will stop all new transactions except for recurring, pre-authorized payments and refunds. You won’t be able to make certain changes to the card when it’s locked, such as changes to your PIN, but you can unlock your card at any time in Online and Mobile Banking.

What exactly will happen once I unlock my card

You can continue to use your First Tech debit card as usual once it’s unlocked.


Manage Cards page image showing locked and unlocked cards

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