Online Banking

Known Issues

Online Services - Known Issues

Below you’ll find a list of the issues we’re currently aware of and working to correct. We’ll keep this page updated to share with you the most recent status of these and other items.
  • Online and Mobile Banking
    • If an error message appears after you click on “Save Changes” to update your address in “Settings”, log off then log back into Online or Mobile Banking to see your address update reflected. 
    • Some members may notice that after their "Send Money" recipient has successfully received and accepted the money, the P2P transaction will still appear to be on hold in their transaction history. This is a known issue that is expected to be fixed soon.
    • Some credit card transactions are being listed as "Pending" in the transaction history even though they have been declined. This is a known issue that is expected to be fixed soon.
    • If you are not receiving text message alerts, please confirm with your mobile provider that you can receive messages with short codes.
    • SMS authentication fails for members with a foreign phone number. Please make sure your time zone setting is in the United States and use a soft token or email as an authentication method.
    • Some members may experience an issue with their First Tech Credit Card balance not being updated after making a payment.
  • Online Banking
    • You may have trouble activating any new themes under "Settings," but your current theme is not impacted. We are working on a fix. 
    • You cannot change your address within Online Banking by going to "Settings" and the "Contact" tab. We are working on a fix.
    • When you favorite or un-favorite a widget like "Accounts" or "BillPay," the widget icon may disappear.
    • The "Wires" option may not be available in the “Subject” dropdown menu when you compose a secure message in the "Message Center."
    • Some members have experienced trouble logging into Online Banking with the Internet Explorer browser. If you encounter an issue during login, we recommend you try a different browser while we work on a fix for this issue.
    • Certain browsers may not display First Tech's favicon image (the small icon on the browser tab) within Online Banking.
    • If you use your old username and/or password to retrieve First Tech account information in Quicken, you'll be locked out of the new Online Banking on your next login attempt. Please update your First Tech credentials in Quicken.
    • Yodlee: Currently services that use Yodlee to import a member’s financial data are not functioning.
      These include services like Xero, YNAB and others. We are working directly with Yodlee to resolve
    • We now only support the two most recent versions of major browsers including Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, iOS and Android.
  • Mobile Banking
    • If you see a "Your account is locked" message upon logging into the mobile app, the option of "log in as a different user" link on the same screen is currently not working. We recommend you try to reset your password in Online Banking instead. If you experience the same issue in Online Banking, please contact us at 855.855.8805.
    • iPhone X users may experience issues navigating to the bottom of the screen on many of the pages in the Mobile App. In “Transfer”, this will impact the ability to view the Transfer policy.  In the “Accounts” screen, this issue will impact the ability to click on the “Load More Transactions” button. Please use Online Banking to perform these actions as we work on a fix.
    • If you share your Apple device with someone else and log into Mobile Banking, the name displayed in the menu may not change when logging into the second account. This error will not impact any banking activities, and it is not a security threat. We're currently working to address this issue. 
    • Members with our Android Mobile Banking app may experience intermittent issues with logging in. Please try again or use Online Banking from a desktop or a mobile device’s browser while we work on a fix.
    • Members have reported issues with the mobile app’s Touch ID function and the Quick Login feature. These issues happen on an intermittent basis. Please use Online Banking from a desktop or a mobile device’s browser while we work on a fix.
    • Members have reported that they are not receiving real-time email and/or SMS alerts even though they have this feature turned on. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.
  • Zelle®
    • You may see multiple "loading" indicators appear on the screen when you cancel a transaction with an iOS device. This issue will not interfere with processing the cancellation
    • At the time of adding an email or a phone number token to your Zelle Profile, the pop-up window may overlap with the screen content for a few seconds then go back to normal.
    • Intermittent error in Send Money screen while accessing Send Money with Zelle widget
      Temporary solution: If you see an error while trying to send money, try again in a few minutes.
    • When a member taps the "cancel" button to cancel a transaction more than once, the member receives multiple email notifications about the cancellation attempt.
      Temporary solution: If you tap the button more than once, please disregard the duplicate emails.
    • Sender may not receive email notifications if the recipient is not able to collect the money from their financial institution.
      Temporary solution: We recommend that you view the status of your "Send Money" transaction in the "Activity" screen. There, you will see whether your money was successfully "sent" or "failed".
    • The Zelle “Settings” screen may take few more seconds to load.
      Temporary solution: We understand there might be some initial performance issues with our "Settings" screen, and we are working actively to improve it.
    • When a new user registers to Send Money with Zelle via the icon on the horizontal tray, the accounts header page loads instead of "Send Money with Zelle" screen for few seconds.
      Temporary solution: Don't panic if our Zelle registration screen takes a few moments to load; it will take you to the "Send Money with Zelle" page successfully.