Online Banking

Known Issues

Online Services - Known Issues

Below you’ll find a list of the issues we’re currently aware of and working to correct. We’ll keep this page updated to share with you the most recent status of these and other items.
  • Online Banking
    • Some members have reported seeing a “Submission Error” while attempting to make an eDeposit. We are hoping to resolve this issue by the end of September of 2017.
    • The new Online Banking works well with the two newest, major versions of the following browsers:
      Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, IOS, and Android.
    • If you upgrade or change from one checking account to another you will not be able to view any
      scheduled transfers of BillPay payments for 24 hours within Online Banking.
    • Some members are seeing duplicate accounts. Please call 855.855.8805.
    • Some text alert messages are not being received. Please confirm with your mobile provider that you
      can receive short code messages.
    • If you login to the Mobile app using the TouchID/PIN then the Online Banking Access Alert will not be
    • Currently we are processing ACH transfers from First Tech to other financial institutions in three
      business days.
    • Intermittent slow site performance.
    • SMS authentication fails for members with a foreign phone number. Please make sure your time zone
      setting is in the United States and use a soft token or email as an authentication method.
    • Current issues with Quicken and Mint connectivity.
    • If Mint fails to provide you with security questions please login to First Tech Online Banking and wait
      6 hours to login to Mint again.
    • If you use your old username and/or password to retrieve First Tech account information in Quicken,
      you'll be locked out of the new Online Banking on your next login attempt. Please update your First
      Tech credentials in Quicken.
    • If you use Direct Connect or Web Connect to download your First Tech accounts to Quicken you may
      notice duplicate entries downloaded to Quicken.
    • Yodlee: Currently services that use Yodlee to import a member’s financial data are not functioning.
      These include services like Xero, YNAB and others. We are working directly with Yodlee to resolve
    • Mvelopes: We’re working with Mvelopes to establish a connection for services.
    • The login box on is blocked while using Internet Explorer 11. Please clear the cache to
      use the login box.
    • In some cases, the running balance may appear slightly out of order. We anticipate a fix later this
    • Some members may experience an issue with their First Tech Credit Card balance not being updated
      after making a payment.
    • SMS authentication fails for members with a foreign phone number. Please use your email as an
      authentication method.
    • We have upgraded our security policies for our Online and Mobile Banking. Please note
      with this enhancement we now only support the two most recent versions of major browsers including
      Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, iOS and Android.
    • Some check images are not displaying in transaction history. This affects any checks that do not
      contain our current routing number of 321180379. We anticipate a fix later this year.
    • If you need a copy of a check that is not displayed, please click the transaction within your transaction
      history and then click the “Inquire” icon to submit a request.
  • e-Statements
    • When downloading e-Statements the 'View Pdf ' option is hidden. To view the button follow these steps:
      1. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page
      2. At the bottom of the page, scroll all the way to the right
      3. Scroll half way up the page and you will see the 'View PDF' icon
  • Mobile Banking
    • Some members have reported that they are not receiving real-time email and/or SMS alerts even though they have this feature turned on. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.
    • The “Locations” feature in the app is not returning search results as expected for iOS and Android devices. We recommend you locate our branches, ATMs, and shared branches by using a search engine or navigation app until we find a solution for this issue.
    • Newly enrolled mobile app users need to log into their Online Banking via a computer to add widgets in order to view them within the mobile app. 
    • After more than 10 minutes of inactivity, click anywhere on the screen to be redirected back to the login page.
  • Windows Phone App
    • When you select a payee, the pre-filled date is “today’s” date and not the 1st available "deliver by" date.
      Please select another date.
    • Certificate Accounts appear in e-deposit.
    • Recent Transaction history is not being displayed immediately.
    • Balances of accounts are not refreshed after a transfer is completed. This could take up to five
    • BillPay Processed Payments are not sorted in chronological order.
    • Login button must be pressed twice to login.
    • Map is not displayed when a location is searched.
    • Current Balance is displaying on the accounts summary page instead of the available balance.
    • Pending Payments are not sorted by date.
    • Location for non-First Tech locations is displaying the First Tech Phone number and location hours.
    • No message indicating there is no account from which to make BillPay payments.
    • Delivery Date on some scheduled BillPay payments is showing 1 day sooner in the app than it shows
  • BillPay and eBills
    • Never ending scheduled recurring payments show as ending after 12 months. These payments will
      continue past that point.
    • When adding a new payee please make sure not to put a 1 in front of the phone number, do not
      Capitalize “PO” in “Po Box” and make sure the payee name and nickname is not more than 22
      characters long.
    • Establishing eBills may not work for some payees:
      • San Diego Gas & Electric
      • Xcel Energy
      • JCPenney Credit Card
      • Lowe's Consumer Credit Card
      • GAP
      • Old Navy
      • Banana Republic
      • Chevron
      • Sam's Club
      • Progressive Insurance
      • Snohomish County PUD #1 WA
      • AAA N. CA, NV & UT
      • Waste Connections